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Advancing the Pace of Innovation

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Our Algorithm Ecosystem streamlines your most complex workflows and gets you answers faster.

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Accelerating research

We provide tools to make it easier for researchers to turn their cutting edge algorithms into usable applications, and even sell their work online.[/stack_cards]

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Real-world solutions

We bridge the gap between academia and industry by building and managing end-to-end applications to solve real challenges.


What is an Algorithm Ecosystem?

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The basic building blocks of a data processing workflow

[/stack_tabs_content][stack_tabs_content icon=”icon-Arrow-Merge” title=”Processing Chains”]

Collections of algorithms that together solve a problem

[/stack_tabs_content][stack_tabs_content icon=”icon-Big-Data” title=”Nodes”]

Computers (your laptop, a server on a network, a cloud compute node) that can run request data through a chain and provide answers

[/stack_tabs_content][stack_tabs_content icon=”icon-Full-Cart” title=”Marketplace”]

An online repository of free and paid algorithms for purchase and download

[/stack_tabs_content][stack_tabs_content icon=”icon-Business-ManWoman” title=”Community Developers”]

Members of a growing community who design and build algorithms, chains and applications


How It Works

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Using our free, open source Algorithm Toolkit (ATK), a community developer creates an algorithm to solve a problem, and publishes their work on the Marketplace.


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Another community developer downloads that algorithm and includes it in a processing chain, using the same Toolkit.


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The world becomes brighter and happier.


Who Uses The Ecosystem?

Get research into practitioners’ hands quickly, enable collaboration with a broader research community

Process data through complex workflows

Build and leverage cutting-edge algorithms to solve problems

Get ready-to-use processing chains to solve real challenges

What Can The Ecosystem Be Used For?

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Find out more about our products


A modern, cloud-based geospatial analysis platform

Algorithm Toolkit

An open source kit for building algorithms and processing chains