Translating state of the art science into products and services that solve real-world challenges is our mission

Tremendous value is hidden in research and it’s our job to liberate it

Whether for academia, government or business data, we use science, technology, and intelligent effort to uncover that trapped knowledge and improve the world.



  • Universities & Colleges
  • Research Labs
  • Industry Consortiums


  • Environment & Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Sensor Manufacturers


  • DoD/IC
  • Federal Civilian
  • State & Local


Jason Casey
Co-Founder & CEO

Brent Bartlett
Co-Founder & President

Chris Willey

Our Vision

Unlock Hidden Value

There is tremendous value hidden in research and it’s our job to liberate it. Whether academia, government or business data, we seek to bring that trapped knowledge to the forefront to improve the world.

Strike Smart & Strike Quick

The Everest-like scale of knowledge and data in commercial, academic, research, and government applications requires that we move fast and intelligently to create immediate value.

Do Important Things Well

We work on projects that save lives, reduce waste, and improve the quality of life. We increase our impact by focusing on quality; and by choosing not to do some things.

Improve The Whole

We look at the big picture – literally and figuratively – so that we can grasp what’s actually happening and make things better. It’s so important that we return things better than when we found them, we got it printed on our coffee mugs.

Begin & End With Simplicity

This principle applies to everything we do. We believe that when it comes to simplicity, that less is more.

Science the S*** Out Of It

We use the latest tech from drones to satellites, from the latest GIS tech to advanced scientific research. We solve problems with science and technology and so it’s a core part of our lives.