Simple, unified algorithm development

Create and process complex data workflows easily

The Algorithm Toolkit provides everything you need to build, manage and share algorithm processing chains as well as create entire applications for any data project.

Define and build custom algorithms

Using our unified framework, you define an algorithm’s inputs and outputs consistently in order to ensure compatibility with other algorithms and algorithm projects. With a common format, algorithms become building blocks of something bigger.

Create complex processing chains

By linking algorithms together, powerful chains can be built to solve any data challenge. Our easy to use, drag and drop interface makes the process straightforward and even fun!

Take Control Of Your Workflow

Test your processing chains

Our testing module makes it easy to ensure your chain works as intended, as well as how your input parameters will appear in a web form. You will see execution progress messages and can view results in a variety of formats (such as on a map) depending on how you define your chain.

Download and share algorithms

Algorithm Central contains lots of algorithms you can use on your project. All of them are open source and completely free to use. You can also publish your own algorithms for others to try out.