Unlock hidden value

Solution-focused expertise applied in academia and industry

Imaging Science | Geospatial | Physics | Computer Science | Remote Sensing | Machine Learning | Neural Networks

BeamIO builds custom applications for a variety of industries, using algorithm processing chains and decades of experience in creating usable, modern software. We can also help you succeed in your own Algorithm Toolkit projects.

Processing Workflow Automation

  • Transform complex & resource intensive image and data processing into automated workflows & pipelines
  • Integrate algorithm chains & AI
  • Leverage your existing tools

Remote Sensing Expertise

  • Automate detection of objects & conditions using AI/deep learning
  • Sensor trade studies and image chain analysis
  • Advanced modality support, e.g.: multi/hyperspectral, lidar
  • Integrate intelligence into current workflows

Algorithm Development & Optimization

  • Intuitively create and rapidly deploy algorithms
  • Chain multiple algorithms together into automated workflow bundles
  • Easily test & prototype algorithms – visualize results instantly